The historians have just found ancient book of Thora and the main idea there was that God did not expelled people from Paradise, but He removed Paradise from their souls. Perhaps the reason for this was to make us seek it somewhere far whereas it is still inside us. Ntar us. This thought made me realise that creativity for me is the means to return this Paradise into my soul. And into souls of everyone around me. Even if it is only for a moment…or forever.

The project Everlasting Garden originated in 2005 when I created a painting Paradise birds, then in 2011 there was Pomegranate Tree. The Tree of Life. And I felt that there will be more. While investigating this theme I found out that the word Paradise means literally the place behind the wall. But for me the main characters in Paradise were not people but the Trees. I was awed by the abundance of legends and metaphors and myths behind the simple notion of the Tree of Life. Because the Tree as well aaas the people live simultaneously in both worlds. We stand on Earth with our feet and our heads touch the heaven. And the real Life flows between the roots and the branches, btnween the Earth and the Heaven. And Art is also the same: a material object that you can touch with your hand and the idea full of different meanings that lifts your spirits to Paradise.